The Orchard

Richfield used to be the home of three family orchards. Now, only one remains. When the Torma family purchased the ice cream store in 1978, they also purchased 25 acres of the orchard from the original Holeski farm and changed the name to Country Maid Orchard. The original Holeski orchard was over 80 acres; the remaining land was sold for residential housing on the east side of Black Road.

Country Maid Orchard includes over 2,000 apple, peach, pear, and plum trees, along with some vegetables, blueberry bushes, and raspberry bushes. Except for the small orchard right behind the ice cream store, all of the land is protected by an eight-foot electrical fence. This is necessary to defend the delicate apple shoots from local deer populations, especially during the winter months.

Managing and maintaining an orchard is very difficult work. Planting, pruning, spraying, harvesting, and marketing the fruit has been the lifelong work of Steve Torma, proving a very challenging, but fulfilling, career. The Tormas hope to continue running the orchard, and just recently planted 600 dwarf apple trees on the corner of Black Road. Like the ice cream store, the orchard is very grateful for the loyalty and support of the Richfield community over the years.

Harvest Times

Like all fruit growers, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature to predict harvest times. However, here is when we expect to harvest our current crop based on past records.

Peaches: Early Aug

Blueberries: Mid Jul-Aug

Raspberries: Mid Jul-Aug

Tomatoes: Aug

Beans: Aug

Jersey Mac Apples: Mid Aug

Paula Red Apples: Late Aug

Peppers: Sep

Mollies Apples: Early Sep

Pears & Plums: Early Sep

McIntosh Apples: Early Sep

Fuji Apples: Early-Mid Sep

Gala Apples: Early-Mid Sep

Cortland Apples: Mid Sep

Johnathan Apples: Late Sep

Red Delicious Apples: Late Sep

Empire Apples: Early Oct

Jonagold Apples: Early-Mid Oct

Melrose Apples: Early-Mid Oct

Gold Delicious Apples: Early-Mid Oct

Rome Apples: Mid-Late Oct

Stayman Apples: Mid-Late Oct

Mutsu Apples: Late Oct

Steve Torma (pictured here) picking peaches for the orchard store.
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